At Unionvillage dental, we offer a wide variety of services.


Restorative dental care  


- Digital X-ray with Reduced Radiation 

- Tooth Fillings & Restoration 

- Root Canal Treatment 

- Sealants 

- Mouth Guards   

Cosmetic Dentistry   

- Dental Crowns  

- Dental Bridges          

- Dentures             

- Dental Veneers                                            

- Teeth Whitening    



- Fixed Braces   

- Removal Braces   

- Retainers  

- Rapid Palatal Expanders

Wisdom teeth extraction 

Wisdom teeth come during teens or twenties. Wisdom teeth can be painful or crowding your existing teeth.  Extraction is a common surgery procedure to solve the problems that caused by wisdom teeth.  


Dental implants are the most permanent nature looking solution for missing teeth replacement. 

Dental Hygiene   

- Teeth Scaling   

- Fluoride treatment     

- Tooth Polishing    

- Root Planning & Deep cleaning   

- Sensitive Teeth & Desensitization